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A shortage in working capital can put your medical practice at risk.

Securing working capital for your practice can be a painful and lengthy process. Working with traditional lenders not only takes months to get final approval, but also requires hours of precious time and mounds of paperwork each taking your focus away from the most important factor in your success – your patients. And, all of this comes with no guarantee of an approval. There is nothing worse than a long “no” from your banker. This can lead to missed opportunities, frustration, and worst of all, making your life’s work vulnerable to failure.


Missing payroll and losing key employees


Postponing new equipment and clinic upgrades


Delaying practice expansion


Losing hard-earned traction in marketing efforts


Stalling your growth and profitability

You deserve better. A quick answer. A custom-designed funding plan that meets your needs – now and into the future. Our friendly team works with you to give you easy access to the capital your medical practice deserves. All with complete transparency. And, the best news is that you have funds in your bank account in as little as 24 hours. Welcome to Sprout Funding- featuring Medi+Funding- our specialized product for medical professionals like you.

Our client’s success is always
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“Sprout Funding enabled us to get the new equipment

we need quickly in these unprecedented times.”


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Medical Professionals Choose

Fast funding that
meets your needs.


Apply online in minutes with our stress-free application


Pre-qualify within 3 hours


Minimal paperwork, quick approval and funding

Access to the capital
you deserve.


Customized offerings based on your specific situation


No personal collateral required

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Up to $1,000,000 in lending

Terms with
complete transparency.


Fast, direct deposits into your account


No hidden fees, no penalty for early payoff

flexible terms

Flexible terms, repayments aligned to your sales

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Use your cash advance however you choose

How it works

Step 1

Apply Online in Minutes

It only takes a few minutes to complete the initial application so we can learn more about your medical practice and your capital requirements. This application is fast, confidential, and will not affect your credit score. If you have any questions, we have a client team member ready to help you via email or phone.

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Step 2

Choose the Best Offer

Within 3 hours of applying, we’ll let you know what funding options you pre-qualify for. Choose the terms that work best for you, then securely upload a few documents to complete the process for your final decision.

Step 3

Keep Growing Your Medical Practice

With money in the bank, you’re free to do what you need to do in order to keep moving forward. It’s your money. Expand your specialty. Build out your footprint. Start that marketing campaign. Invest in new tech/equipment. Improve your space — you’re on to the next phase of growing your medical practice.

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Work With a Proven Leader in Business Funding

We understand your pain points. We’re personally invested in a number of medical facilities and business operations.

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Nearly $500M advanced to 5,000+
small business since 2007.


70% of customers have received
funding for more than one opportunity.

Who Uses Medi+Funding

Group/Single PhysicianPractices

Specialty Practices

Surgery Centers

Urgent Care/ER


Plastic Surgeons

Ambulance Services




Occupational Therapists

Physical Therapists

Radiology Facilities

Rehabilitation Facilities

Speech Pathologists



Medical Spas

Many others in the Medical Professional Space

How Is Medi+Funding Used

Upgrade Your Equipment

Invest in Your Facility

Cover Payroll Costs

Pay your facility rent

Expand Your Practice

Offer New Programs

Grow Patient Acquisition

Expand Your Marketing

Pay off Debts

Expand Your Team

What makes Medi+Funding different?

Sprout’s Medi+Funding product is not a loan. It is an alternative funding product for the medical community providing fast, fair access to working capital, with options custom-designed exclusively for their practice and business. How does it work? Medi+Funding specializes in a working capital advance product that provides you with an alternative to traditional complicated loans. Simply stated it’s a method of providing your enterprise with working capital today, through the purchase of the practice’s/business’s future receivables.

Unlike loan products with a payment schedule with fixed repayment amounts and a maturity date, the business makes flexible daily remittances based on a percentage of its actual on-going payment card receivables. Our advance also requires no personal collateral or surrender of equity.

Unlike traditional banks, we fund based on your future performance, not just a credit score.


Get working capital today, leveraging your future receivables.


Minimal paperwork


Considers more than the owner’s credit score


Quick approval and funding

money hand

Funds can be used for any business purpose

flexible terms

All terms, fees, costs and payment schedules provided in a simple, easy to digest format

Medical providers and practices can depend on Medi+Funding for easier access to working capital.

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