The information age provides distinct advantages for small business professionals, compared to past conditions. Not only can business owners now effectively reach out to consumers through multiple channels, but the information conduit also extends in the other direction, providing instant access to customer feedback and product/service reviews. This increased access to information has personalized relationships between buyers and sellers, and also resulted in widespread cross-pollination between owners, operators, and other small business professionals.

Among the valuable resources shared by entrepreneurs, several noted business podcasts deliver insight, education, and entertainment. Offered with authenticity, podcasts often originate from experienced professionals, prepared to share real-world lessons about business ownership and operation. The helpful resources are focused on particular business topics, in some cases, while other podcasts’ content touches on a wide cross-section of small business concerns.

The relatable lessons and stories shared in small business podcasts can help you fill voids in your professional understanding, and to look at your business enterprise from a different perspective.

These worthy podcasts are only a few of the resources available for small business entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas is responsible for this deep series of high energy podcasts for entrepreneurs. His goal is providing inspiration and strategies listeners can use to improve their entrepreneurial outlooks. Through a number of interviews with successful personalities and business developers such as Barbara Corcoran and Tony Robbins, JLD uses the podcast to nudge listeners toward their dreams, with help from proven winners.

Entrepreneurs on Fire promotes a basic principle, learned through extensive exposure to high achievers. According to Mr. Dumas, the key to business success, shared by thousands he’s interviewed, is identifying a “Big Idea” and throwing your passion into making your venture a success. His program promises to guide you to your personal “Big Idea” and provide the inspiration you need to turn it into an entrepreneurial win.

Office Hours Podcast

Daniel Pink is an author of several books and a contributor to top publications. He calls his podcast, Office Hours, “car talk… for the human engine.” The resource shares Mr. Pink’s experience and perspective on human behavior, motivation, and career concerns. He has been called one of the world’s top business thinkers, following an early career working in government and politics.

Office Hours is an interview program, sharing perspectives from diverse guests. The podcasts varied content touches on business, social, and academic issues, exposing some of the human realities facing modern entrepreneurs. Recent interview subjects include business visionaries, authors, and professors prepared to share an academic perspective.

The Introvert Entrepreneur

Beth Buelow is an author, speaker, and certified professional coach. Her podcasts harnesses the power of positive thinking, supporting her slogan: Success is an inside job. Ms Buelow founded The Introvert Entrepreneur in 2010, delivering a nurturing place for entrepreneurs to find guidance and support. Podcast episodes study actual cases, connecting listeners with successful entrepreneurs from various fields. As the name of her podcast suggests, Ms Buelow approaches business topics from an introvert’s point of view.

Reboot Podcast

Jerry Colonna brings years of business experience to his professional role as an executive coach. He also shares business insight through his Reboot podcast, focused on startup success. Podcast listeners not only benefit from Mr. Colonna’s perspective, but also gain greater understanding from his guests. The podcast earned high praise from Forbes Magazine, which ranked it among the top business podcasts in 2015.

Reboot podcast topics address business concerns head-on, in categories such as Management 101, Practical Skills, and Major Transitions, but listeners also learn lessons about personal motivation and entrepreneurial inspiration. For example, topic areas like Mindfulness, Believing in Yourself, and Making Commitments, round out the podcast’s content for startup entrepreneurs.

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes motivates listeners with his helpful business podcast. The bestselling author brings a diverse history to the table, sharing inspiration and information, through his personal brand. Mr. Howes was once a professional athlete, until his career was cut short by an injury. The School of Greatness extends from his experience overcoming adversity, challenging listeners to “dream bigger and live better.”

This podcast shares stories from standout athletes, effective business professionals, and influential people from all walks of life. Topics are broad, including these recent podcast subjects:

  • Investing in Your Future
  • Business Growth
  • Raising Money
  • The Mindset of a World Champion
  • How to Transform Your Life


Seth Godin is a household name among entrepreneurs tracking success stories. The former executive has credentials from Stanford Business School, but his experience may be an even more valuable asset for modern entrepreneurs. His podcast gives listeners an inside look into the thoughts of a proven business leader.

Godin’s podcast name, Akimbo, refers to an ancient word symbolizing strength. The podcast promotes the belief that through strength comes cultural change and progress. The Akimbo podcast recently explored titles such as How to Get Into a Famous College, The Wedding Industrial Complex, and Shun the Non-believers.

Whatever your business specialty, listening to podcasts can be a good way to expand your perspective. From managing operations to raising capital, common professional concerns are discussed in-depth by podcast hosts and their guests. They share expert opinions, review case studies, and track real-life business experiences. Guests typically come from the world of business, with backgrounds in career consulting, personal motivation, marketing, and other key entrepreneurial disciplines. Use this podcast sampling to start taking advantage of the unique knowledge and insight available to your device.

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