The pool of informative small business blogs is too deep to explore with a single review, so we’re back with another installment of descriptions, highlighting several small business resources for young entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and other inspired self-starters.

These are only a few of the places to find timeless small business tips, techniques, and tools to elevate your entrepreneurial acumen.

Small Business Labs

Providing forward-looking content about the future of employment, the gig economy, and related small business matters, Small Business Labs is a blog from Emergent Research. The organization focuses on social shifts, technological advances, and developing trends affecting the working community, with a particular emphasis on matters influencing businesses owners and stakeholders in the burgeoning gig economy. Within the blog’s pages, you’ll find material covering diverse topics, ranging from small business accounting tips, to posts discussing common issues facing modern freelancers.

An article shared recently on the Small Business Labs asked and answered an important question for freelance writers: Does it Pay to Be a Freelance Writer? Yes, But Not Much for Most. And in another practical blog installment, the author looks at a growing commercial niche for small scale entrepreneurs Connecting Artisan Makers With Retailers and Customers a Rapidly Growing Industry. The content explores how Minted and Faire have played prominent roles advancing connections between producers, buyers, and retail stakeholders.

Small Business Bonfire

Sprout Funding logoServing as an educational, networking, and collaborative community, Small Business Bonfire brings together entrepreneurs with resources such as a weekly newsletter and small business blog. Among the popular categories explored on the Bonfire blog, marketing, online business, financials, technology, and tips for starting a business rank highly for readership, with hundreds of available articles covering these topics, alone.

Actionable tips and tools for small business owners are the Bonfire’s focus, including a recent entry titled 7 Ways to Display User-Generated Content on Your Landing Pages, discussing practical digital marketing solutions for retail operations, online businesses, and other diverse brands. Another related marketing post revisits once-effective marketing practices, exploring The Relevance of Direct Mail in the Digital Age.

Young Upstarts

Young entrepreneurs and those young at heart will appreciate the fresh presentation offered on The blog drills into small business issues, lending the voice of a new generation to timeless lessons in entrepreneurial passion and progressive professional thinking. Young Upstarts content blends aspects of the operators’ commitment to innovation, ideas, intrapreneurships, as well as entrepreneurism.

E-learning is the subject of one recent Upstarts article, highlighting business trends within the growing network of providers and related businesses rising from the new generation of e-careers coursework. And another post suggests ways digital publishers can monetize content, helping small business entrepreneurs make the most of their websites.

In addition to tracking trends and proffering tips, the Young Upstarts blog also tackles small business issues such as efficiently providing health care coverage for a small staff. Budding business owners will also appreciate the site’s insight on how to write a business plan and its comprehensive introduction to office space leasing, as well as resources guiding readers through various aspects of operations management.

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a leading community for B2B sales professionals, promoting the cross-pollination of business tips, techniques, and tactics among top performers. The Sales Hacker blog brings the experience and insight of the community to your desktop, exploring some of the principles and processes that lead to sales success. Contributors share perspectives from diverse business backgrounds, so the content touches on wide-ranging subjects.

Hiring practices are the focus of one timely Sales Hacker post, sharing insight on The Real Reason You’re Having Trouble Hiring Women in Sales (And What You Can do About It Now). Another article teaches sales professionals How to Use the “Golden” Technique to (Finally) Stay Organized in Sales.

Under 30 CEO

As its name suggests, this blog angles toward younger readers, but much of the material contained on the site applies universally, helping business professionals of all ages. If you’re a seasoned business owner, turn to the section titled Over 30 Advice for tips from an experienced group of experts and business leaders.

In addition to the perspectives shared by a diverse team of bloggers, Under 30 CEO also features interviews with entrepreneurs and business tips from successful young CEOs.

Under 30 content speaks directly to daily operational demands facing small business owners, such as a recent talent acquisition piece outlining some of the top traits of a desirable product manager. And the site also looks beyond day-to-day business concerns, featuring titles exploring broad self-employment issues like the timely topic Forward Thinking: 3 Retirement Tips for Young Entrepreneurs.

Effective entrepreneurs understand the value of continuing education, so they count on various resources to keep them informed and enlightened about commercial conditions.  To that end, many insightful business professionals and experienced entrepreneurs share tips and techniques online, blogging about everything from basic business principles, to personal professional development. Part two of Business Blogs You Can Count On showcases a sampling of the many worthy online resources available to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs.


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