If you’re like many active entrepreneurs, managing day to day operations is only one aspect of your professional life. You may also crave ongoing business education and deeper understanding in key commercial areas such as macroeconomics, marketing, business technology and others.

Fortunately, whether you need answers to specific questions or seek general information about your trade, widespread resources are available to help quench your thirst for small business insight, facts and figures, and information about evolving commercial trends. In addition to print publications and in-person events, several worthwhile blogs are packed with information and suggestions aimed at small business owners.

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Dr. Jeff Cornwall first launched The Entrepreneurial Mind more than fifteen years ago, sharing insight about business notions and the entrepreneurial spirit driving most successful endeavors. He’s an author and authority on the subject, having written Bringing Your Business to Life, Bootstrapping, and From the Ground Up, among other popular titles. Dr. Cornwall is recognized for his expertise in emerging growth businesses, startups, venture capital, mergers, software development, information technology, and other diverse entrepreneurial subjects.

Sprout Funding logoRecent content shared by Dr. Cornwall by way of his brand, The Entrepreneurial Mind, includes this sampling from his blog:

  • Life’s a Pitch – Emphasizes the importance of preparation and readiness, relative to entrepreneurial success. You never know what may spawn life’s next great opportunity, so entrepreneurs need to be ready to give their best pitch!
  • Find Two Mentors – The title of this post is revealing; the content backs up the advice, sharing the wisdom behind this sensible recommendation.
  • Scaling Requires Business Model Pivots – From keeping a personal touch as your business grows, to adjusting your business model midstream, this recent post touches on some of the activities that keep businesses vibrant, beyond finding the right target niche.

All Business – Your Small Business Advantage

Sales, marketing, career-building, and straight talk about SEO are only a few of the business topics driving the conversation at allbusiness.com. One post recently shared within the website’s Sales and Marketing section examines the value of trade shows and explores moves you can make to maximize the benefits of the networking events. According to the blog, these strategies can make your next trade show more productive:

  • Prepare to Promote – Trade shows provide opportunities for you to take the stage, promoting your goods and services. You can’t afford not to be ready when the time comes, so trade show planning begins well in advance of each event. From choosing the right trade shows to setting goals and sticking to your plan; proper preparation helps you solidify client relationships, meet new customers, and make the most of media and networking opportunities.
  • Demonstrate – Trade shows furnish captive audiences, so an important goal for each event is reaching as many people as possible. If there’s one way to grab attention, demonstrations give onlookers a reason to engage, rather than passing by your booth or display.
  • Connect with Media – Some trade events have dedicated press areas, where journalists and correspondents gather to write stories and conduct interviews. Sharing your experience with reporters supports networking efforts and media contact also presents opportunities for you to ask questions about the show and the industry in which you work.


If you’re looking for a direct perspective, offering a look through the eyes of a successful online entrepreneur, Erica Douglass’ blog isn’t a bad place to poke around. Ms. Douglass had already sold a business for more than one-million dollars, at an age when many entrepreneurs are just getting started formulating ideas. Her enthusiasm carries-through to her content, which may furnish the answers you need to find similar commercial success.

In addition to stories about past and present ventures, Ms. Douglass shares insight from guests she interviews and from successful business professionals observed in action. Making Marketing Work for You and Disaster Happens! Are two subjects recently explored, as well as a featured post offering The Real Reason Why 80% of Funded Startups Fail.

Rebel CEO

An entrepreneur specializing in physical products, Bill Dalessandro brings years of experience and business success to his blog entries. The content shared includes material about ecommerce, creating products, and launching startups, but anything about business, finance, and personal development is fair game for the blog’s pages.

With daily orders shipping from his company, Elements Brands, Mr. Dalessandro is familiar with small business challenges, ranging from marketing and manufacturing, to advertising and administration. In one recent example of the type of content posted to Rebel CEO, the author explores how carrying inventory can be a good way to increase margins for drop ship businesses. Another timely article tackles the practical problem of sorting through large volumes of business email, recounting the author’s personal experience managing a steady flow of nearly 500 per day.

Small business blogs serve as vital resources for owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. Not only does the content posted on these and other informative blogs keep readers current about progressive processes and professional practices, but the articles also convey basic business principles. Please look forward to Part 2 of Business Blogs You Can Count on For Tips, Tools, and Tactics!

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