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3 Unique Sources for Small Business Advice and Assistance

Launching a start-up and growing an established business are two tall orders, attracting motivated entrepreneurs eager to embrace the challenge of sustained commercial success. As important as it is for this unique group of business visionaries to remain inspired and...

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Employee Theft is a Growing Small Business Concern

You've carefully selected staff members and given them first-class training, when your worst nightmare becomes a professional reality. An employee is stealing from your company. After the initial shock subsides, you're left with a sticky situation, violating the trust...

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7 Tips for Starting a Home-Based Business

Have you been thinking about starting a home-based business? Perhaps you’re looking to supplement your current income with a second job, or maybe you’ve decided its time to stop being someone else’s employee and you’re finally going to be your own boss. Whatever the...

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The Benefits of SMS, or Text Marketing for Small Business

Short Messaging Service (SMS), or text messaging as it’s better known, can offer more than just a quick and easy way of communicating with friends and family. In the right hands, and properly applied, it can be a powerful marketing tool for smart business owners. It...

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