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Are Poor Personality Traits Harming Your Business?

Entrepreneurs are generally known for their drive and passion, but each individual brings unique personality traits to their profession. In some cases, dedication, optimism, and other positive traits work in an owner's favor, setting the stage for commercial success....

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Earn Big Dividends Investing in Your Staff

Effective business operators recognize the value of competent staff, so talent is high on any entrepreneur's wish list. Having good employees is so important to business success that securing top candidates has grown highly competitive, now driving a brisk recruiting...

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The Future of Brick and Mortar Retail

Anyone who’s spent any time in the retail sector knows that the landscape is constantly changing. What was cutting edge last year is old hat this year. That’s particularly true for brick and mortar retailers. The rise of e-commerce has forced real world retailers to...

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Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Too many small business owners have been playing Russian roulette when it comes to their company’s cybersecurity standards. In a way, it’s almost understandable. After all, it’s only the high profile data breaches that make the headlines. But the truth of the matter...

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The Value of the Velvet Hammer

Motivating employees and getting consistent results are top management objectives, keeping small businesses moving in the right direction. There's no shortage of recommendations for accomplishing these goals, originating from both experienced entrepreneurs and outside...

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